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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that insurance is a tricky business and that each person has their own set of questions unique to them. This is why we have created a Frequently Asked Questions for our clients so that they can worry less about their insurance, and enjoy their life more! 

What does Water/Sewer Backup cover on my home insurance policy?

While insurance plans may vary, the following typically apply to water/sewer backup:
Water that backs up through sewers or drains as long as it originates on premises (toilet overflows, drain backups).  It does NOT include:

  1. Flooding – surface water entering the house.
  2. Overflow originating off premises – sewer line breaking in the street and causing water flow over the surface into the house. (Can we link to the Water or Sewer Line Coverage page?).
  3. Sub-surface water – an example is a swimming pool or sprinkler system leaks underground causing water to seep through the foundation.

What do I do after a car accident?

  1. Make sure no one is injured.  Stay calm and be polite.
  2. Exchange insurance information: name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number, driver’s license number and license plate.
  3. Photograph and document the accident.  User your camera/phone to document damage to all vehicles and the general area.  Write down basic details of the accident.
  4. File an accident report.  Although law enforcement may not respond, call in an accident report.
  5. Know what your insurance covers.  Do you need a rental car?  Towing?  Do you have full coverage?
  6. Call your insurance agent – North Town Insurance 509/483-3030!

What does my credit history have to do with insurance?

Ninety-two percent of insurance companies use credit information when underwriting new policies. 

Financial history is used to help classify an insured according to their potential risk.  Studies have shown a strong correlation between a client’s financial history and their future insurance loss potential.  Therefore, insuring companies believe the use of credit helps to underwrite an applicant at a cost that reflects their possible risk.  

What do I do if a neighbor’s tree looks unhealthy?

Document, document, document.  

If a healthy tree falls (due to weather, etc), it is not the responsibility of the neighbor because it was unpredictable.  Your home insurance policy will be primary.  The insurance company is in the business of “making us whole” and will act because you have the insurance on your home.       

If an unhealthy/unmaintained tree falls, your policy will still cover so that you are “made whole”. However, they will investigate the situation and possibly subrogate to the neighbor’s policy. This is where documentation comes in! There needs to be evidence that the tree was unhealthy/unmaintained and the neighbor was notified of the same. Pictures, letters, notices are helpful.

The home insurance company will investigate during the course of the claim.

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This office has great customer service. Great people, great customer care

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Five Stars! Always friendly and ready to help.

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Great people and services. Very helpful and informational about their policies and what they can do for their customers. I would totally recommend!

Christina M.
I would like to start by saying although my agent is my daughter, I would expect the same level of educated professionalism from anybody servicing my policy. She got a great rate for our business and we hang her sign proudly in the brewery.

Hopped Up Brewing
I switched my auto insurance policy to North Town Insurance with Amanda Ewan as my agent over a year ago. I am VERY happy with my decision. Amanda has outstanding people skills. I can feel her smile across the phone which brightens my day. She puts my needs first. I am always able to get a hold of her when I need her. I appreciate her honesty. Knowing she has an eye on my insurance needs helps me to relax.

Joyce A.
Matt Paulson is a great friend and a awesome insurance agent he has saved me on my car insurance, renters insurance, 4wheeler insurance, and now i will be signing my life insurance with him. If you think you might be paying to much for insurance and want a to see if you can save money call Matt at northtown insurance company.

Sharell F.
I work for Progressive Insurance. I have had a few customers that have bought policies from Matt and I have had customers that work with your agency. I am glad that you guys are giving customers what they need rather than what is the most "cost effective". It makes my job much more easy if the customer has the correct policy to make them "whole" again. If the policy is not sufficient, the customer usually has a bad outcome.

Tim - Progressive Insurance