• Change Request Guidelines: Policy changes cannot be processed on a cancelled policy. Each carrier and policy has different requirements and we may be unable to backdate a request, offer requested coverage or have additional options to review. We will connect with you if your request is unable to be processed.
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  • Please note the year, make & model of the car you would like coverage changed on.
  • Please note the year, make & model of the car you would like coverage changed on. Leave this blank if it applies to only 1 car.
    This option is for a seasonal use vehicle that is not being driven for months at a time. Coverages removed are: liability, medical or personal injury protection, uninsured motorist, collision and any other coverages besides Comprehensive.
    You acknowledge that the vehicle will not have driving coverage and that we will need at least 48 business hours advance notice before you plan to drive the car again. *We will be emailing you a confirmation to esign for this request.
    We will use your existing coverage, unless other coverage options are requested here. If your existing coverage doesn't include Comprehensive or Collision, we will use $500 Deductibles - unless another amount is noted in the Comments. *Insurance details: https://www.insurance.wa.gov/whats-covered-under-auto-policy
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      In order to add coverage back to a vehicle, please upload a photo of each of the 4 sides of the vehicle and the VIN. This helps your carrier to confirm if there is or is not existing damage. We will need these photos in order to process the change.
      We ask for 48 business hours to add coverage back to a vehicle, that was in storage/suspended mode. You will receive confirmation from our team as soon as it has been updated.
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