Bourke Owens


“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” – Will Rogers


Our team knows Bourke as the “idea man”!  When he’s not coming up with new adventures for our company, he plays golf, beats everyone at poker and is an excellent cook. 


Since starting the Agency in 1989 in Chewelah, WA, he has never been more invested. We are excited to see where he takes us next…

Meet Bourke Lisa 11-17

Lisa LeBlanc CIC


“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.” – CS Lewis

The necessities in Lisa’s life are her family (including rescue pup Major), reading, fitness, sunshine and girls nights! The list goes on…exploring, cooking, home projects, movie nights and volunteering at her church or other community organizations that give back.  Lisa & husband Aaron are continuing to work on their “bucket list” with things like bungee jumping, an Oakland Raiders game, Michael Buble concert and a 2017 trip to Europe.  Next on the list…skydiving. 

At NTI since 2008, she says “This agency has hooked me because of the team, the fun and the integrity. We make it a daily challenge to find better ways to excel, treat our team with appreciation and give back to our community.”

Meet Lisa


Georgia Gillie
Insurance Agent


One word to describe Georgia would be: fun-sassy-lovely-kind-talented… we couldn’t pick one!  As a wife and mother of two, Georgia works hard to stay balanced, gracious and positive.  Her family loves adventures, outdoors, movies and fitness.

Georgia has worked the full spectrum, from bank management to personal training, she loves to learn and excel at any task given to her.  At NTI she has worked in every position we’ve had, human resources, accounting, marketing and now is spreading her wings and enjoying the front lines of writing insurance. 

Meet Georgia


Joe Armand
Farm & Commercial Manager




Meet Joe 41603615_2218660725032971_755436652322619392_n

Megan Coe
Personal Lines Manager


“You don’t have to be great to serve, but you have to serve to be great.” – Jon Gordon.


Aside from spending time with her family, fitness & reading – Megan also enjoys having girls’ nights, making great food and cozying up to a good movie. With lots of life ahead, and the passion for it to fuel her, Megan is excited to explore, travel and learn. She looks for ways to improve every day and strives to find the growth in adversity.


Being with NTI for over 5 years, she has developed such a love for her team and what she does and she looks forward to the many years and opportunities to come.

Meet Megan


Aaron LeBlanc AAI
Insurance Agent


“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…” – CS Lewis

Aaron believes that adversity refines Character.  

Family, friends, new relationships are very dear to Aaron. He sees every interaction with others as a chance to learn and grow.  That is one reason he loves serving his community, living a life that matters and giving back whenever possible.  This is the same way he works with his clients … with a heart of service.   

He has loved being in the insurance industry for 2 years now, and has recently has earned his AAI designation. Aaron is actively using this power tool with commercial clients by utilizing the knowledge he has gained in his daily interactions with business owners.

Meet Aaron

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